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Golden Light - African Masked Weavers

Pastel - drawing Painting on Supertooth paper, 29x40cm
Weaver birds come in many different forms and were one of the birds I had dreamed of seeing since I was a small boy reading books of far off Africa. When I did finally get there they were also the first bird I saw......hanging in the Acacia at the front door of my guest house only one kilometre from Johannesburg airport!! My delight knew no bounds as I found them in most places I went....hanging from trees and the eaves of buildings in the national parks around South Africa. They are sociable and very approachable not seeming to mind when some gawky Aussie aims a big camera in their direction....simply getting on with designing a house that his prospective mate will approve (and believe me she isnt easily pleased). He may have to build several homes before she finally approves of one.
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