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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Just passing through - Great Egretí Pastel Painting

‘Just passing through - great egret’
Pastel on Supertooth  paper
Size 56 X 78 cm.

Great egret fills your eyes in the wilds along the riverbank. Her purity seizes your attention.  Unexpected she moves silent….. drifting upstream, an apparent illusion of such grace and beauty as to leave one mute. But she is alive and she is real. She breathes as she hunts. Smaller creatures in the water fear her coming as the harbinger of their own deaths. But that is life.
Life after all is a fragile in-breath of nature and inevitable death is but the brief exhalation of that same essence. Nothing exists in nature but for the passing of some other life form. That is the bargain, the ebb and flow….water and bird….the Yin and Yang of it all. Back home snug in my studio I wonder, aren't we all coming and going.....was she real....did she pass so silent so ephemeral that I stood robbed of words at her luminance?


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