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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel painting New life-Australasian gannets

'New life-Australasian gannets’
Pastel on Colourfix paper
Size 33 x 50 cm.

 Always the privilege of spending close up time just hangin with the critters is the best thing. I cannot imagine anything in life that is better. Spending a few days with this Australasian gannet colony gave me great insights into their behaviour and I came away truly inspired.
 If you haven't ever visited with a gannet colony the experience is absolutely stunning. Their complex and delicate ritual dances and greetings are played out with a constant back ground of musical piping not unlike that produced by reed flutes.
 The male and female share all of the nesting tasks and are truly bonded to raising their chick. Don't get too close as they think nothing of giving you a nasty pinch with that strong fish grabber of a beak.
 After a long nesting the colony eventually deserted and though many chicks took to the skies as a new generation, many more did not make it and slowly starved on their nests.
Such is life .......and indeed life and death move hand in hand in a continual dance which describes our beautiful world.

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