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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel painting drawing sulphur crested cockatoos

The old back gate-sulphur crested cockatoos
Pastel on Colour fix paper
Size: 55 X 42 cm

These gorgeous little mischief makers are sitting on my old back gate here in the Grampians.         
The one on the right is doing his best to impress the other by flaring his magnificent crest and bobbing his head up and down. They also perform this display when they are grumpy about not being fed by me. Trying to intimidate me they will even rip plants out of the garden before flying up into the tree tops to nip off and drop seed pods and sticks on my head!!!....truly they do ....gorgeous monsters with the most appalling and ear splitting screech you have ever heard..especially when they get mad. Love em or hate em, they certainly make an impression.

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