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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist pastel Kookaburra
'On my gate post – Kookaburra'
image size 54 x 40 cm
Pastel - drawing on Colourfix paper.
Price: $1490
Every day our local family of 5 Kookaburras turns up at the back gate to see what free food may be in the offing. Kookas are the world's heaviest kingfisher and more than capable of dealing with small snakes and lizards. They are also highly gregarious and when the entire family turns up for food it can be quite a show. Only the dominant pair are allowed to breed and the extended family act as aunts and uncles to assist with protection and feeding of the young. The merry laughter of kookas which rings through the forest has made a special place in the hearts of all Australians for these wonderful little characters.
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