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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist firetail finches Pastel painting drawing

' Party time -   firetail finches'

And just because I am feeling a bit down about conservation and the hope for
our planet, I decided to paint something that daily brings me joy,....that
being the firetail finches in our Japanese garden.        These tiny fellas
are bright little motes of warmth in and around our back door. A morning
breakfast shared with them on the back verandah is a precious experience
with which to start the day. Their delightfully-reedy peeping call summons
me to bring their finch seed breakfast every day. Fluttering tiny wing puffs
of air about my face as I bring their food reminds me of a hoard of excited
insects...and each day is that little bit better for their presence.

Pastel on Colourfix  paper    76 X 30 cm.               
Price: $2950

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