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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Emu

‘Shadows that move-Emus’
Pastel - drawing on Supertooth paper
Size 45 x 93cm
Price: $3900
In South Australia's Flinders Ranges last summer I found many wonderous things. The artist Hans Heysen once described this ancient landscape as "The bones of the earth laid bare". It is dramatic beyond belief and in some places dessicated,eroded and incredibly harsh. But that just adds to the contrasts. Nothing was more enjoyable to me than the whispering native pine forests around Brachina Gorge.... As I sat sketching for hours any gentle breeze would come soughing through their gracefully drooping branches .....causing the dappled pools of soft morning light and deep blue shadows to dance in a timeless pattern heard only by nature herself....and perhaps the creatures. When emus stalked silently through my camp they felt ancient though some of the very saplings themselves had upped their roots to go exploring.

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