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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist. The point of no return – young wedgetailed eagle - Charcoal engraving on board.  painting drawing

‘ The point of no return – young wedgetailed eagle ’

After 11 long weeks and so many nervous moments during which the chicks were totally vulnerable on the nest, the great day finally arrived where they ceased those clumsy trampoline jumps on the nest and took real flight for the first time. Accompanied by my relieved and heart felt cheers the youngsters blasted off into a strong updraught and were almost immediately soaring like professionals. Mum had apparently been observing our visit to the hide and spiralled down to encourage the chicks on what must have been a fairly scary maiden voyage. She lofted in to sit in an old tree on the opposite side of the valley where she regarded us calmly from a safe distance. The chicks made their way in a combination of flaps hops and glides up to her tree and sat safe and sound as we took out leave.
We wish them only the best and longest lives and I am deeply grateful to them for allowing us to share a little window into their lives. This is the second time in my life where I have witnessed wedgetails take their maiden flight and I count myself extremely privileged to have done so. I hope you have enjoyed sharing their journey with me.
November 28, 2015

Charcoal engraving  on board   73 X 85cm  $ 3200

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