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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel painting The garden of grace-New Holland honeyeaters

'The garden of grace-New Holland honeyeaters’
Pastel on Supertooth paper      
Size 65 x 91 cm.
Price $ 5400

 Two of my favourite things came together in this work.....the gorgeous belladonna lilies that spring up under the trees opposite my gateway every summer....and one of my favourite birds, New Holland honeyeaters which live in and around our gracious old garden here in the Grampians. 'New Hollands' are feisty and adaptable little birds who seem to think they are larger than they actually are ....and often chase away other honeyeaters if there is competition for food. These birds are so common in many suburban and bush gardens that they often go do the now-wild but introduced belladonna lilies. I wanted to take these two common things and show them in an uncommon way to highlight the beauty of both.
It is true what Thoreau once said...."What matters is not what you look at, it's what you see! "

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